Homeless Man That Went Missing For Over A Decade Is Recognized By Family After Picture Of His Recent Haircut Went Viral

A homeless man was reunited with their family members after a picture of their haircut went viral recently.

The family members of the homeless man thought that he had passed away, but thanks to the recent before and after picture, he was reunited.

Joao Coelho Guimaraes, who is from Brazil, went missing for over 1 decade, but recently, they were found thanks to a picture that went viral on social media.

Coelho was reported dead by his family members after he went missing.

The homeless man said he spent the last decade on the streets and collecting cans in order to survive.

So what really happened?

Alessandro Lobo, a businessman that owns a men’s fashion store and barber service, recently asked the homeless man if he was hungry or if he wanted to get something.

The kind businessman told the reporters that the homeless man refused him to get food, so he ended up getting a trim.

During an interview with the local news agencies, Lobo said:

That was when we decided to help him in a different way, providing a day of beauty for him.

Aside from grooming his beard, hair, and mustache, Lobo gave the homeless man a pair of trousers, a good quality jacket, shoes, and 3 shirts.

Yes, he got that.

Not only that, but Lobo also pictured the man and shared it on social media to inspire other people.

After sharing the before and after pictures, the post went viral, and apparently, the family of the homeless man spotted him.

Lobo, the businessman, said that Guimaraes is a shy person.

After being recognized by his family, the mother and sister of the homeless man traveled to meet him on December 17, 2020.

Talking about the moment the family found out about the man, Lobo said:

They saw the photo and contacted me and, since he doesn’t have a phone or a fixed address, tomorrow we will go through the neighborhood to try to find him. It is Christmas time and the intention was to show that with little we can change someone’s life. That we have to do good without looking at who. We did not imagine that it would have this repercussion.

Lobo said that the family had previously assumed that he was dead.

The family did not hear from the man for over 1 decade.

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