Alzheimer Risk Could Be Affected Due To Motherhood

As per a new study, Alzheimer risk could be affected due to motherhood. The study states that women who have one child have a higher lifetime risk of Alzheimer. Compared to the one who has three kids.



What does the study say?

Motherhood can have a very significant effect on risk of Alzheimer. The report says which was released on Monday. As it states, women who have three or maybe even more children have a low risk of dementia. Compared to women who have one child. Alternatively, women who have suffered a miscarriage.

Apart from this, the research also showed a link between dementia risk and women’s age. At the age of puberty or menopause.

What is the reason for this?

As the report suggests, the risk of dementia could be affected due to hormones. Which was presented at the annual Alzheimer’s Association conference in Chicago? Hormones could very well change the risk of development of disease in women. Said by Heather Snyder who is senior director of medical and scientific operations at the Alzheimer’s Association.



Synder said that it could be hormones. Alternatively, it could have something to do with the immune system. Which changes drastically during the pregnancy of a woman. It could also be affected by the way a woman eats. During her pregnancy.

He added, think about women with three children. They have trained themselves in multitasking. Which helps in building up brain reserve. Brain reserve is called reservoirs of brain function which has been proven to delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Details of the study.

The study used the data from almost 1500 women. Who were aged between 40 to 55? In the 1960’s and 1970’s. The study explicitly stated that women who had three or more children. Had 12 percent less chance of developing dementia after a decade. This affected held it’s placed, even after taking in account of their weight. Also, their history of strokes. Both effects of dementia.



Women with miscarriage had a higher risk as well. Women with miscarriage had a 9 percent more risk. Of developing dementia. Which is taken after taking into account all the data. Which clearly stated, that miscarriage increased the risk of women developing dementia.

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