The Color Of Your Urine Reveals About Your Health Issues. Must Know!!

Not many people might know this but the urine color varies greatly from person to person. The different colors of the urine actually tell us a lot about our health. Urine infections (or urinary tract infections) are primarily responsible for causing pus and blood in urine. Urine color can tell whether your body is perfectly hydrated or not.


Let’s have a look what your urine color says about your health.

Clear Urine:

clear urine problems

A completely transparent urine indicates that you are drinking a lot of water. If the color of urine is clear for a longer period, then it could be the sign of diabetes insipidus. In this type of the diabetes, people release more water and this can make the person more thirsty and interrupt the sleep cycle.

Darker Yellow Urine:

dark yellow urine problems and side effects

This is usually normal and many times the color may be due to certain medicines, supplements or vitamin pills. The standard color of urine is yellow but if the color is darker you are recommended to drink more water.

Neon Yellow Urine:

neon yellow urine color

No need to worry much if your urine color is Neon Yellow. The color changes while releasing the intake of vitamin B and C as it can’t store them for longtime.

Orange Urine:

Dark yellow-orange urine during treatment with clofazimine. Copyright ITM

When you notice a deep orange tinge in your urine, it could mean either of the two things. You are either suffering a bad case of dehydration or have been eating very salty food. Otherwise, a cyst or tumor impeding the bile duct, leading to jaundice. Food dyes, carrots or too much vitamin C can also cause an orange tint.

Blue Urine:

Blue urine

Food dyes and certain medications are the main reason for this type of urine color. This color is usually nothing to worry about. Pay attention to the food you intake.

Red Urine:

red urine

Beet roots, blackberries, rhubarb, certain food colors can naturally cause this color. Sometimes the blood in urine stream can be a sign of kidney cancer or bladder stones. Medicines containing senna can also give a red tint. But the red pee can also be a result of blood in the urinary tract, that can be read as a sign of gallbladder stone or kidney cancer.

Green Urine:

green urine

Yes, this is not very common, but urine too can acquire a lighter version of petroleum green. This is more often caused by a bacteria called Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Even antidepressants and medication for Parkinson’s can also be the reason for this color of pee. Green urine sometimes accompanies certain urinary tract infections.

In any case, if you’re concerned about the shade of your urine, see a urologist for further investigation.

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