It is Better, To Be Honest About Traumatic to Kids Than to Avoid It

Many parents are protective of their children. And they should be. However, it is better, to be honest about traumatic to kids than to avoid it. Many parents shield their kids from tragic news. However, the study suggests that it’s better for their kids to know about it.



What do experts say?

News like natural disasters, mass shooting, accidents, and suicides are getting common these days. And many parents don’t talk about this tragic incident in front of their kids. Most people think shielding their kids from this sad news. Would help them, but it doesn’t. In fact being dishonest about these could harm them.

But the question arises when it’s difficult for an adult to process such news. How can anyone expect a child to process this tragic news.

How to approach these subjects to a child.

Expert suggests that for many people, avoiding this tragic event. In front of their children is the right thing. However, many ask questions, what if the incident is near them?. Expert suggests that having a tailored approach and exposing them to the harsh reality. Is often a better choice for children.



Expert suggests, that the person who the child feel closest to. Should talk about these tragic subjects. Whoever is the most trusted by the child should always lead the subject. Apart from this, the person should give the child appropriate time and space. To process the news.

Expert suggests few steps.

1) They suggest asking the child what they have seen or heard. How do they feel about it? And what makes them worried.

2) After which they suggest to keep the conversation open, and let them guide the discussion.

3) Make the child feel like he can always talk to you. Whenever he needs the urge to discuss these matters with someone.

4) And last experts suggest, to understand your child. And keep everything normal. Embrace whatever your child find comforting, or predictable.



Expert suggests if an adult is finding themselves hard to cope with the news. It’s alright, but the important thing is they should keep the conversation open with a child. And should show them how you calm your mind. And guide them as you cope with the news slowly.

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