Maintaining A Habit of Having Early Dinner Reduces The Chance of Developing Cancer

After a recent Study, which confirmed that Diabetes increases the risk of Cancer. This time another study suggests that the risk of cancer could be reduced. Apparently, maintaining Maintaining habit of having early Dinner Reduces the chance of developing Cancer.



What does the study say?

The study which was conducted Barcelona Institute for Global Health in Spain. Concluded that eating your final meal of the day early can reduce the chances of cancer. There is a deep relation between food and cancer and has been investigated very deep. Like if you eat fresh vegetables regularly, it would reduce the risk of cancer. However, regular eating of red meat increases the risk of cancer.

Many researchers have also been looking into the relationship between, obesity and Cancer. However, recently the study which took the investigation of the meal. Timing relation with two of the most common Cancer. Two most common Cancer being, prostate cancer, and breast cancer.

Apart from eating, these Cancer also showed the relationship between lifestyle. Which interfaces with the biological clock. Which means people with Night shift workers are more likely to have the disease than the others.



What should be the meal times?

The study in which scientist had access to data of. 621 men who have prostate cancer and 1,205 women who had breast cancer. Apart from this, they took in 872 males and 1,321 females. Who was free from cancer.

They used the lifestyle of everyone, which included the meal timing. Their sleeping habits, and also if they were morning person or evening person.

The study was published in the International Journal of Cancer. Which said the person who ate a meal before 9 pm. Alternatively, two hours before going to bed had 20 percent less risk of developing cancer. However, who ate after 10 pm and went to bed too soon after dinner. Were more likely to develop cancer. Also, thus, they advised everyone to keep a well time maintained lifestyle.



The researchers said,

“Our study concludes that adherence to regular eating patterns is associated with a lower risk of cancer. The findings highlight the importance of assessing circadian rhythms in studies on diet and cancer.”

Maintaining A Habit of Having Early Dinner Reduces The Chance of Developing Cancer

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