Olive Oil: Anti-Cancer, Anti-Pain, Anti-Aging

She’s beautiful, golden and tasty. And of great interest to researchers. Who begin to understand why it is good for just about everything! Olive oil is a formidable weapon against pain, constipation, cell oxidation. And even tumors.

We knew that olive oil had anti-tumor action, but no one knew why. That’s the mystery solved thanks to research conducted by scientific teams from Rutgers University and Hunter College of the City University of New York. Researchers have been working on oleocanthal, one of its components, and its observed effects in vitro on cancer cells (prostate, breast, pancreas) and other non-cancerous. According to their hypothesis, oleocanthal fits inside the cancer cells and manages to destroy the lysosomes, tiny reservoirs waste accumulate.

How to take?

It attacks membranes by inhibiting an enzyme very specific.

The functions of the malignant cells are then weakened and die. Healthy cells, they remain intact. Attention olive oil is not a miracle drug, research will focus for now on cell cultures in the lab. Another problem is the amount of oleocanthal that would be required for effective action on tumors. In a virgin olive oil high quality, it is concentrated to about 0, 2 mg / ml. Says, David Foster one of the researchers.
To have an anticancer effect in mice, previous studies have shown that it was necessary to administer 0.15 mg each.”Or, for an adult, the equivalent of two liters of olive oil! And here is our arteries that are not going to agree …

Olive Oil

The health advantages of oil olive

 Anti-infarction: what is its role in the traditional diet of the Mediterranean countries that put a flea in the ear of the learned. It was found that there were fewer myocardial infarction, less mortality from coronary heart disease among followers of the famous Cretan diet.

Olive oil contains a very high amount of monounsaturated fat (80% of fat content). It is rich in oleic acid, a fatty acid of the family of omega 9; gold omega 9 have the particularity to lower the rate of LDL-cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) in the blood.

 Anti-hypertension: polyphenols which are rich, protect arteries from atherosclerosis: the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, due to an accumulation of fat (cholesterol and calcium).

Anti-pain: if we were smart, we would drink a cup of olive oil when you have a headache! ** US researchers have shown that the effect extra-virgin olive oil was as effective anti-inflammatory effects than ibuprofen. Again strengths due to the famous oleocanthal’s, decidedly interesting components.

Anti-constipation: it accelerates the contractions of the bladder and stimulates the production of bile salts, natural laxatives. And unlike paraffin oil, it does not cause it with fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, K, and D). So no risk of vitamin deficiency as with paraffin.

Anti-Aging: the olive oil would also have the power to slow the aging of cells, skin as the brain. It’s omega 9 serve to stimulate cell activity. And its polyphenols are powerful antioxidants. They also contribute to the strengthening of bones building, absorbing during digestion calcium and vitamin D, which will be redirected to our skeleton.

Anti beads: it’s an amazing under the olive oil, which is nevertheless a lipid to 98%: “It hangs in adipose tissue fatty acid synthase, an enzyme that has a soft spot for excess carbohydrates, from which it produces fat, says Giulia Enders, author of very interesting (and very funny) “Discreet Charm of the bowel” (Actes Sud).

Rich in essential vitamins 2: vitamin K, very useful for bone formation, it also serves to make the proteins that are required to coagulate blood. And vitamin E, in cold pressed oils. This antioxidant major protects the cell membrane, especially that of red and white blood cells (immune defense)

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