Why You Should Always Wear A Helmet?

The helmet is far from being used by all cyclists. However, its use significantly reduces the risk of head injuries.
For those who still doubt, a helmet protects the bike, lovers. Indeed, cyclists wearing helmets were 58% lower risk of experiencing a severe brain injury compared to those not carrying, according to a study presented Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Surgical Association.In reaching this conclusion, the researchers analyzed the medical records of more than 6200 patients admitted in hospital for a head injury after a bicycle accident. Among them, only one quarter was wearing a helmet.

A Smart Approach to Bicycle Safety

Wearing Helmet is necessary:

The scientists then investigated whether wearing a helmet really protected the lovers of the pedal. And it turns out that yes. The helmet holders have 58% lower risk of being seriously injured in the head and as many (59%) died of a bicycle accident compared to cyclists without helmets.

In addition, the former have 26% less likely to fracture the nose or other bones of the skull and of the face, particularly the upper face. If you are severely injured, but you were wearing a helmet during the accident then you better get comments.

Furthermore, the researchers looked at the impact of age and gender of cyclists involved in accidents in which a head injury has occurred. “The lower the helmet use rate was observed in 10-20 years. However, helmet use increased with age every 10 years, “said Ansab Haider, one of the study authors. They also noted that the seventies are more cyclists using the bike helmets before its use decreases.

The authors also found that women are more likely to protect their head than men. For authors, the next step is to conduct prevention programs to promote helmet wearing, but also to produce more briefly to better protect lovers cycles.

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