11 Things About Bathing You’ve Been Doing Wrong In Your Entire Life!

Bathing is an activity that is a must for keeping the body clean and free from bacterial infection. But some points to be kept in mind while having a bath so that we protect our body from the serious consequences in the future.

We had no idea that the way we’ve been showering may actually be doing us more harm than good. Let’s have a look at some of the things which we should not do while having a bath.


#1. Do Not Scrub Too Much:


Most of us have a belief that if we scrub too much on the face would help in getting fairer soon, but this is an illusion. Scrubbing too much leads to the removal of the top layer of the skin and this tends to skin infection as well.

#2. Use of Deodorants or Anti-Bacterial Soaps:


Many prefer to use a deodorant after the bath which should be avoided. The strong aroma and ingredients of the deodorants extract moisture out of your skin which leads to itching, flakiness, and dry skin.

#3. Many Avoid Conditioner After Shampoo:

Woman washing her hair in shower

Applying conditioner after shampoo prevents the hair from getting dry and increases the hair length. It also makes your hair retain the hair protein. Unfortunately very fewer people have a habit of using conditioners after the shampoo. From now on try to use conditioners after the shampoo.

#4. Excessive Use of Soap:


Soap absorb the dirt and oil present on the body and water washes it away. But too much of anything is dangerous. Minimize soaping to only the oily parts of the body and also those parts where the odor is obvious.

#5. Taking Long Showers:


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