2 Boys In India Tied To A Bench During School Hours For Writing A Love Letter And Stealing Items

Recent images on social media have sparked outrage in India and are questioning the freedom of kids having fun in schools.

The images that were shared on social media showed 2 kids tied to a piece of furniture inside a school in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantpur.

The images have made activists angry and people all over in India are demanding a criminal case to be filed against the people in the school.

According to reports, one of the students is in 3rd grade and the other one is from the 5th grade.

Images showed the hands and the legs of the students tied to a bench in a school in Kadiri town.

Achyuta Rao, an activist, is now calling on the authorities and is demanding action against the headmistress of the said school.

Mr. Rao said, “Criminal case should also be booked.”

The headmistress of the school released a statement about the incident and explained what happened.

The headmistress said a student wrote a love letter to a student and the other stole items from other students.

The headmistress of the school claims that the mothers of the children tied them up to the benches inside the school.

But a probe has been launched for the incident because the headmistress did not explain how she allowed the incident to happen in the school.

Local news agencies claim that the children were punished by the staff of the school and not by the parents.

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