Caught On Cam: Armed Robbers Loot Cash And Jewelry From Builder’s House In Madhya Pradesh

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: Armed robbers held the family of a builder and his 2 private guards captive and ran away with cash, jewelry, and other valuables last night.

The entire ordeal was recorded on a surveillance camera that was installed in the builder’s house.

The incident reportedly happened outside Kailash Chandra Goyal’s house in Kanchan Vihar Colony.

The video shows 6 men appearing outside the house of Goyal with guns and went on to take them as hostages as they looted their house.

According to the police, the robbers snatched the guns of the guard’s guns outside the hose and threatened to kill them if they tried to run away.

Before running away with the cash, jewelry, and other valuables, the 6 men held the builder, the builder’s family, and the 2 guns at gunpoint.

The armed robbers tied the guards and looted the house.

Cherry, the wife of Ankesh, locked herself inside a room and called the brothers of Ankesh and asked for help.

The brothers rushed to the house and tried to enter it, but the robbers had guns with them and threatened the brothers that they would shout the family if they entered the house.

The robbers also looted the smartphones of the builder. They were later found abandoned in Loha Mandi, Indore.

The police were alerted about the incident and an official investigation has been launched for the incident.

Authorities are now trying to trace the robbers.

No one was injured in the incident, said the local police of Indore.

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