Caught On Cam: Elephant Walks Into Army Canteen In Bengal And Causes Chaos

An elephant in Bengal ended up causing chaos after it managed to get inside the Hasimara Army Canteen in Dooars, Bengal.

In the video that went viral, it showed the elephant swaying its trunk as it entered the empty dining hall and started to throw away tables, chairs, and other cooking materials.

Here is the full video of the incident:

As the elephant entered the room, the staff ran away and hid behind an enclosure in the canteen and tried to distract the elephant away.

In order to scare the elephant away, the staff threw a card lit with fire to scare it away.

But that tactic did not work as well.

Instead, the elephant walked further into the canteen.

One of the staff walked out of the enclosure and tried to scare the animal with a firelight.

This time, the elephant got scared of the man as he held the firelight in his hand.

The elephant turned around immediately and started to walk outside the canteen.

To push the animal outside the premises of their camp, the man chased the elephant with the firelight until it went away.

Dooars is located in the alluvial floodplains in Northeast India, which is surrounded by tea gardens.

The Chilapata Forest is located a couple of kilometers away from the army canteen at a camp in Hasimara.

Elephants are frequently seen in the area.

Hasimara is located 15 kilometers away from Bhutan.

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