This 5 Year Old Child Gets His Head Stuck In A Pressure Cooker While Playing

In a horrific incident a five year old child named Satyam got his head stuck inside a pressure cooker accidentally for hours before he was relieved. This incident took place in Narsinghpur area in Madhya Pradesh while he was playing around his residential premises. The child kept crying out of helplessness and pain. Meanwhile, people rushed to him hearing him wail for his rescue.

The cooker was successfully removed from his head by means of an axe blade. Child gets out safe. It took about 45 minutes to rescue Satyam and the video shows men going about their task gently, taking care not to hurt the boy.

locals removing pressure cooker stuck in boy’s head

Watch how locals removing pressure cooker stuck in boy’s head:

Here in this video clip, the locals could be seen using a metal cutter to cut the pressure cooker and giving a big relief to the suffering child.

Four men restrained Satyam, while one person hacked the cooker with a saw. On of them had even inserted his palm between the cooker and the Satyma’s head to make sure the saw did not graze him.

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