This Company Has Declared Holiday On KABALI Movie Release Day And Offers Free Tickets To Its Employees

Superstar Rajnikanth’s upcoming movie ‘KABALI’ is all set to release on July 22, 2016. Each and every fan of Rajnikanth is waiting for the movie release. The way everyone is gearing up for Kabali’s release is surely worth appreciating.

KABALI release

Fans of Rajnikanth are crazy doing something or the other to add a special touch to his movies. He has a huge fan base in South India and also in many foreign countries like Japan, Malaysia. People celebrate his movies like a festival and do different things to show their love and affection to their favorite star Rajnikanth.

People even conducted special pooja for the well-being of Rajnikanth. Earlier, in this regard, we had seen how Air Asia had dedicated one of its flights to Rajnikanth’s KABALI and had painted it as per Kabali theme.


Here is something different way of attracting the movie lovers especially Rajnikanth fans. A company named ‘Fyndus’ has displayed its affection towards Rajnikanth one step ahead. The company decided to shut all productions on the day of Kabali’s release i.e. 22nd of July only to watch the movie.

FYNDUS Company Declared Holiday On KABALI Release Day(July 22):

The company has declared a holiday on July 22nd and the highlight aspect is that it is offering free tickets to all its employees. It sounds fantastic. Right?

FYNDUS declares holiday on KABALI release

The circular of the company reads “On account of the release of Superstar Rajini’s movie “KABALI”, we have decided to declare a holiday on 22nd July 2016 in efforts to avoid piled up leave requests to the HR department. We also take the privilege of going the extra mile to support antipiracy by providing free tickets for the former to Fyndus employees.”


Hence, this is one of the best moments in lives of the company employees that they are going to watch Rajnikanth’s KABALI movie on the first day of its release and for free.

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