Delhi Govt deploys 1000 home guards in DTC buses for women’s safety

Aam Aadmi Part Chief Arvind Kejriwal takes up its stand on women safety by deploying over 1000 home guards in the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses. Official orders by the Delhi Government has been passed on Tuesday which directs the appointment of 1000 home guards in all the Delhi public transport buses for the safety of passengers especially women’s. Arvind Kejriwal led AAP governance has implemented its first phase of assured safety for the women’s travelling in Delhi buses.

Delhi DTCbuses get 1000 homegaurds in them by aap govt for women safety

Kejriwal Directs 1000 Homeguards to Be Deployed During the First Phase

Aam Aadmi Party-led government in the national capital Delhi is planning to deploy around 2,000 home guards in buses during the first phase for the safety of passengers while especially for women. Later Aam Admi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government is examining the proposals and aiming at increasing the total strength of the home guards to 5,000. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) spokesperson R S Minhas said, “Already 1,000 home guards have reported to DTC from where they will be deployed on different checking beats throughout Delhi. A group of 4-5 home guards will also be associated with at least one DTC Traffic Supervisor staff.

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The checking groups will be debuted in DTC terminals and main bus stops with the aim to check the buses for the safety of travelling passengers. Presently, DTC has six regions (East, West, South, North, Rural and SBU) and till now approximately 1,000 Home Guard volunteers have reported, which are being deployed along with supervisors to check the buses en route, terminals and bus queue shelters with regard to security of passengers in DTC buses” on being asked about the emplacement of 1000 home guards in the DTC buses as part of first phase.

He further added that “A group of 4-5 Home Guards will also be associated with at least one DTC traffic supervisor staff. The checking groups will be deputed in DTC Terminals and main bus stops with the aim to check the buses for the safety of travelling passengers.” AAP government is also examining the proposals and aspiring to install CCTV cameras in public transport buses to keep a close watch over any attempt of violence against women or eve-teasing. A senior government official said “As a pilot project, CCTV cameras have already been installed in 200 buses. The result of which would be reviewed in a couple of months and accordingly, a decision would be taken to replicate the experiment in the entire fleet.”

1000 police homegaurds are deployed in the DTC buses for women safety and passebgers assistance

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In the recent times, Delhi government has ordered public transport vehicles which also includes the taxi to install GPS system for tracking of the vehicles and to make the commuting by women in public transport safer. Stay tuned with us for more trending stories and updates briefing the current affairs and breaking news which are occurring across the globe. Press Ctrl+D to bookmark us in your web browser for all trendy posts and easy navigation our website.

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