Delhi: Man Arrested For Murdering His Friend So He Could Marry His Wife

On June 25, 2019, the Delhi police arrested Gulkesh for killing his friend with a brick and for leaving his dead body on a railway track.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Gulkesh did this as he wanted to marry the wife of Dalbir, the man he killed.

Officials added that Gulkesh called Dalbir on June 24 evening and brought him to a railway track near Zakhira, Delhi, where he hit a brick on his head.

Gulkesh then dragged the unconscious body of Dalbir on the railway track and left it there so a train could run over it.

Gulkesh then called the local police and told them that he saw his friend lying unconscious on a railway track near the Prem Nagar Railway Track at Rama Road.

Officials said that Gulkesh said all sorts of things to mislead the police throughout their investigation.

Throughout the investigation, the police decided to interrogate Gulkesh, they checked out his call records, and asked him how he found his friend in the railway track.

After some time, Gulkesh broke down and admitted that he had an illicit relationship with Pooja, the wife of Dalbir.

Officials said that Gulkesh wanted to marry Pooja and said that she also liked him but did not want to marry him as Dalbir was still alive, and in order to marry her Gulkesh decided to kill Dalbir so he could marry Pooja.

The police have arrested Gulkesh for murdering Dalbir.

Further investigation will be done in the case to find out if Gulkesh was helped by Pooja or any other people when he committed the crime.

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