Farmer’s Protest India: Muslims Serve Food To Protesting Farmers At New Delhi’s Singhu Border

The farmer’s protest in India is going strong and will be staying that way in the upcoming months.

With thousands of people protesting on the borders of New Delhi along with millions of people in the entire country protesting against the new farm bills, religious groups such as the Muslims in the country are doing their job to serve the farmers.

25 men of the Muslim Federation of Punjab, led by Faaroqi Mubeen, came to the Singhu border to serve the farmers that feed everyone.

During an interview the local news agencies, Mubeen said:

The ‘langar’ will go on 24X7 till the protests continue. The farmers do so much for us. It is our turn to return the favour. It is our responsibility to take care of the farmers. We are a team of 25 volunteers who are working non-stop to keep the ‘langar’ going.

The key routes at the Delhi borders with UP and Haryana have been closed due to thousands of farmers holding demonstrations for the 9th consecutive day amidst this pandemic.

The farmers in India are currently protesting because of the central government passing 3 new bills, which minority farmers believe is allowing private companies to take over the local markets.

As a result of heavy protesters, the police kept the Delhi-Haryana border at Singhu, Tikri, Jharoda Lampur, Auchandi, Safiabad, Piao Maniyari, and Saboli closed.

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