Indian And Pakistani Comes Together Chanting ‘Hindustan-Zindabad And Pakistan-Zindabad, The Video Recorded In England Goes Viral

From past couple of years, the aspect of Nationalism has become a growing concern in many parts of the country, but the idea of seeding the friendly relationship between Pakistani people and Indians is always a typical one.

The growing role of social media made it easy for people to share anything with the tags ‘Right to speech’ and ‘Right to Liberty’. These rights are often protecting people from being punished according to the laws, taking advantage of the former ones, Indians passing distasteful comments on Pakistan and Pakistanis doing same with Indians has become quite unstoppable.

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One cannot simply indulge easily in laying a good relation in India, with our neighboring country, Pakistan, however, there are many aspects that matter the most. But, this video, recorded in England during the Champions Trophy is going viral and for rightful reasons.

If there is any room to imagine the people from both the countries sharing some good time together, chanting the names of both the nations, that will make our day and yes, it happened. An Indian and a Pakistani reportedly claimed the Brotherhood by sharing a video fo the both reprising the idea of emotional bonding we carry by default.

The video, shared on Facebook page Voice of Ram, has got over 56,000 shares in a short span of time and is still going viral winning hearts.

Watch The Video Here:

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