Indian Woman Gets 52 Stitches On Her Head After “Flying” Rickshaw Driver Lands On Her

Bengaluru, India: A woman ended up getting 52 stitches on her head after a flying rickshaw driver landed on her.

The entire incident was caught on cam.

In the video above, a man could be seen being catapulted on a loose cable by a speeding vehicle that passed by.

As a result, the man flew in the air and landed directly on the woman that was minding her own business.

The woman in the video has been identified as Sunita, who works as a hotelier in Bengaluru.

According to a local news website in India, Anita was on her way to the hotel where she works when the man fell on her.

After the incident, Sunita was rushed to a hospital.

While being treated, she ended up getting 52 stitches on her head.

She is currently in a stable condition, said the local authorities.

Talking about the incident, Sunita said:

It all happened in a fraction of a second. Someone called my name, and I turned around to see why. The next thing I see is an auto driver flying towards me. Then he crashed into me, and I collapsed.

The local authorities said that the cable was hanging loose on the ground and got stuck in the wheel of the man’s auto-rickshaw.

The driver was trying to free his auto from the wire when a speeding vehicle passed by and pulled the wire with great force, leaving the driver in the air.

Krishnamurthy, a health inspector and the husband of the woman, rushed to the spot and brought her to the hospital.

The driver of the auto-rickshaw was not injured in the incident, said the authorities.

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