Must Watch Video ‘Indian Women’ Explains what is Harassment?

Recently ‘Jasleen Kaur’ a 20 year old female Delhi University student, accused a boy Sarvjeet in Delhi, where she has not harrased by the man. But still she filed a police complaint and also shared her version of the incident on Social media, A Viral video’s maker WTF India made a video of asking the Women What is Harassment? How do you define Harassment? See the logical indian women how they replied, By watching this video a man should know how not to behave with a woman!

Indian Women Explains "what is Harassment"

Every Guy needs to Watch this Video:

WTF India asks Indian women from separate walks of life to explain what the word ‘harassment’ means to them. The girl says a man keep tapping your shoulder or physically they want get closer to you without your permission, she mean it is harrassment. A women said ‘ if someone badging at you, remarks at you and your dressing. Any guy who makes uncomfortable with their behaviour like by his comments, actions, is harassment- lady said.

One girl is saying harassment can be a mentally or physically, it could be of any kind. even a man who wantedly they want to hurt you by his actions in bus or may be on road by bringing his car close to you and then puts a sudden breaks to scare you. ”Harassing women is doing anything to them that they don’t want you to do,” says a young girl.

The women who are actually harassed stand up for themselves and those who aren’t, stop acting like victims. “The message is each women has to use their good sense and don’t take advantage of authority. Be honest yourselves whether its actually a harassment are you creating it make clear” Women said.

An argument between a man and a woman is totally different from harassment, though. Everybody agrees on that point. Watch the video, guys especially you must see it!

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