IndiGo Will Continue Cancellations In Its Flights For More Days

On Tuesday, IndiGo canceled 30 flights from major airports due to the shortage of pilots, passengers were forced to buy tickets on the spot at high prices.

The airline company said that the cancellations of flights will be continued for the coming days, this will approximately affect at least 30 flights per day.

The airline company canceled 32 flights on Monday on short notice, this affected thousands of passengers and were forced to buy tickets on the spot too.

The company said that it will adjust its schedule in the upcoming days, but it will still affect around 30 flights per day.

Senior aviation regulated of the DGCA is currently looking into the situation.

The Airline Company said this in a statement: “IndiGo is slightly adjusting its flight schedule in the coming days by around 30 flights per day to stabilize the network and operations impacted due to various ongoing Notams and likely bad weather in the coming days.”

Notams are notices that are given to airmen or pilots that provides them information on potential risks that may come in their flight route.

The airline company had to cancel around 30 flights on Tuesday at it is facing shortages in their pilots. Most of the flights that were canceled were from Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad.

8 flights were canceled in Kolkata, 5 were canceled in Hyderabad, and 4 were canceled from both Chennai and Bangalore.

In a report, it said that IndiGo asked its customers to either buy a new ticket from a different airline or from them and offered alternative flight routes that had one-stop layovers with longer flight times.

IndiGo said this in a statement: “To avoid inconvenience, these adjustments are being made in advance, enabling adequate notice to passengers. They are being accommodated close to their original flight schedule. These adjustments amount to 1-2 percent of the originally planned flights.”

An official from the airlines said that the main disruption in the flights was caused because of the hailstorms and heavy rains that happened in Delhi-NCR region last week.

The Pilots and its cabin crew are both instructed by the DGCA to mandate the FDTL (Flight Duty and Time Limitation) norms and they are not allowed to fly after the FDTL.

The airline company blamed the bad weather on Sunday for having the disruption in its flight operations.



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