Madhya Pradesh Woman Gives Birth To Boy With 2 Heads And 3 Hands

In an extremely rare case, a woman in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, gave birth to a baby boy that has 2 heads and 3 hands.

The baby was born at a village in the Ganjbasoda area in Vidisha District, in Madhya Pradesh state in India.

After the news broke out, villagers and locals rushed to a local hospital to take a look at the extremely rare baby.

According to Dr. Sanjay Khare, a civil surgeon of the district hospital, the 21-year-old woman went through sonography in the 35th month of her pregnancy. At the time of the scan, twins were detected.

At the time of the delivery, the doctors at the district hospital said they were shocked to see the baby because they were expecting twins.

The baby had 2 heads and 3 heads, but only 1 body.

Babita Ahirwar, the 21-year-old mother, got married 1 year and 6 months ago.

Doctors at the hospital said this is a very rare case in India, especially in Vidisha as it is the first one.

Dr. Pratibha Oswal said, “It was a critical operation as we didn’t expect a conjoint baby. This is the first child of the woman, who was married one and a half years ago.”

Dr. Oswal added, “After the operation, the family was shocked so we didn’t tell the mother about the conjoint baby.”

The infant is currently under observation in an Intensive Care Unit at the Vidisha District Hospital in Madhya Pradesh.

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