Madhya Pradesh Woman Kills Husband, Buries Him, Builds Kitchen Over Burial Place

A woman in Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh, killed her husband, who was a lawyer, earlier this year, buried him inside the house, and built a kitchen over it to destroy all the evidence of the crime.

32-year-old Pratima Banawal killed 34-year-old Mohit Banawal earlier this year.

In order to mislead the police, Pratima even filed a missing person complaint about her husband.

The incident happened in Kotma, a town located 30 kilometers away from Anuppur, and 500 kilometers away from Bhopal, the capital state of Madhya Pradesh.

Arjun, the brother of Mohit, would ask Pratima about what happened before his brother went missing.

Instead of answering her questions, Pratima would start to pick up fights with Arjun.

Arjun and the neighbors of Pratima were never allowed to enter the house after the husband went missing.

But everything changed on November 21, 2019.

Pratima locked herself inside the house after the neighbors and Arjun wanted to see what was happening inside it.

The neighbors managed to enter the house and immediately noticed the foul odor coming out of the kitchen.

The police were called to the house.

A police team dug up a part of the house and found the dead body of Mohit.

The body of Mohit was later sent for an autopsy.

Kotma Sub Divisional Officer of Police K N Prasad said Pratima was questioned after the body was found.

Questioning revealed that Pratima strangled Mohit with a wire on October 22, 2019.

She buried the corpse in their house and ended up building a kitchen over it.

The reason why she killed the husband is still being ascertained.

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