Man Kills his Pregnant Wife and Surrenders the Next Day

Police Report: A man from the District of Osmanabad in Maharashtra killed his wife who was pregnant and slept beside her then calls and surrenders to the police the next day.

The man has been identified as Vinod Dhansing Pawar, he said that he and his wife had an argument when he strangled her. The wife has been identified as Priyanka Rathod.

The police said: “He then slept beside the body and came to the police station on Friday morning to confess to his crime and surrender.”

Vinod Dhansing Pawar is a commission agent in borewell and his wife Priyanka Rathod was a nurse in Tuljjapur, the couple got married 9 months ago and Priyanka his wife was 5 months pregnant.

The parents of Priyanka told the police officials that Vinod usually demanded money from them which led to frequent fights in their home.

Vinod Dhansing Pawar has been charged with murder and a team has been formed to make an investigation for the crime.


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