This Mother Tries To Drown Her 3 Week Old Baby In The Washing Machine

In a barbaric act reported from Kozhikode, a mother threw her baby into a washing machine and filled it with water. The incident occurred on Thursday when Fazna, wife of Fayaruddin who is running a business in Kakkad, was alone in the house.

On hearing the baby’s mother crying, the neighbours rushed in and found her baby in the washing machine. The woman told the neighbours that an unidentified person barged into her house, sprayed chilli powder on her face and dropped the baby into the washing machine.

Mother Tries To Drown Her 3 Week Old Baby In The Washing Machine

She blamed an intruder first & then her husband:

She was allegedly harassed by her in-laws. So, she threw her three-week-old son into a washing machine in a bid to convince her husband that the child was not safe and to move to her mother’s house.

The woman had initially misled the police by complaining that the baby was thrown into the washing machine by a miscreant who attempted robbery.

Police, however, found no proof of an intruder and interrogated Fazna who confessed that she staged the drama to convince her husband Fayaruddin to shift.

Kerala Mom Tries To Drown Her 3-Week-Old Baby In The Washing Machine

Actual Reason behind this Shocking Incident:

The woman was in a state of depression throughout her pregnancy period as she conceived the second child when the first one was only six months. While the baby has been admitted to a hospital, the police have registered a case but have yet to arrest Fazna.

The taboo related to mental disorders and lack of awareness related to this condition is a major reason for the rise in the number of horrific incidents.

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