Photos: 18 Never Seen Pics Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, who is the 15th Prime Minister of India became one of the most inspirations to the Youngsters in India. Narendra Modi started his career as an RSS member and slowly grown to the stage where he is now. Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat continuously for three times. Followed by Prime Minister of India. Here are few never seen pictures of Narendra Modi. Have a look of his Political Career.

1. Childhood:

Narendra Modi childhood

2. Modi as Chai Wala:

Narendra Modi chai wala

3. Modi in young age:

Narendra Modi RSS Worker

4. Modi as RSS Member:

Narendra Modi RSS follower

5. Modi in Struggling Period:

Narendra Modi young days

6. Modi talking on Radio:

Narendra Modi struggling days

7. Modi during Babri demolition:

Narendra Modi during babri masjid demolision days

8. Modi finding peace:

Narendra Modi finding peace

9. Modi’s rare photo:

Narendra Modi flag hoisting

10. Modi with Senior BJP Leaders:

Narendra Modi with BJP leaders

11. Modi with LK Advani promoting elections:

Narendra Modi promoting BJP

12. Modi with Imran Khan:

Narendra Modi hospitality

13. Modi reading Newspaper:

Narendra Modi reading newspaper

14. Modi having time with Children:

Narendra Modi with children

15. Modi with his pet dog:

Narendra Modi with his pet

16. PM Modi blowing Flute:


17. Selfie Time with Modi:


18. Modi Love Photography:

Narendra Modi love photography

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