Pakistani TV Actor Faisal Qureshi’s Hate Speech Will Boil The Blood Of Every INDIAN

A video by Pakistani TV actor Faisal Qureshi filled with hatred for Saif Ali Khan’s latest film ‘Phantom’ is doing rounds of the Internet. In his 12 minute video he started by targeting ‘Phantom’ for its concept and went on to condemn India in every way he could remember.

In an interview Saif Ali Khan had talked about Pak’s ban of Phantom, he said, “I don’t have faith in Pakistan”. Faisal Qureshi says his video is a response to Saif Ali Khan’s ‘controversial’ statements about Pakistan last week following the ban on his movie.

Faisal Qureshi’s rant targeting Saif Ali Khan is not ‘patriotism’

Faisal Qureshi’s rant targeting Saif Ali Khan is not ‘patriotism’

In the recording, Qureshi refers to the Indian as ‘beti’, ‘sahiba’, ‘meri bacchi’ and other words which signify female. He was just insulting Saif Ali Khan by calling him a woman. Qureshi’s inability to distinguish an actor from his character is as absurd as a person refusing to attend Heath Ledger’s funeral for his role in blowing up a hospital and nearly killing Batman.

His abhorrence for Bollywood is well reflected in his hate speech. In his video he also asserts that Pakistanis watch Indian films on pirated DVDs because they don’t wish to contribute even a penny to India’s economy. He ends his video with a scene from one of Saif Ali Khan’s movies (Cocktail) where he dances in drag to Sheila ki Jawani’, implying that Khan is too feminine to be taken seriously.

Watch Faisal Qureshi’s response to Indian actor:

Filled with anger and hate, his speech was disgusting. Now it’s natural for an Indian to get angry listening to his spiteful words. What’s your opinion on this video? Comment Below.

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