Personal Request By Sarvjeet Singh To All His Supporters, Do Watch It

Sarvjeet Singh a an Alleged accused of Molestation of a Girl also an Alleged Victim of Publicity stunt by same girl in name of molestation who is also a Worker of Aam Aadmi party. A large number of people support Sarvjeet Singh, considering him innocent and truthful. They want the justice to be done and court to give judgement in favor of Sarvajeet.

Supporters of Sarvjeet wants to protest by means of rally to strengthen their support. But, he makes a personal request to all his supporters in India not to protest because he does not want his case to be affected by all this. He said that after the judgment of the court, he himself will join his supporter in the rally happily.


Watch: Sarvjeet’s personal request to all his supporters

Hero of Anti Feminism Movement in India today has some request and message for everybody who is supporting him. Have a look!

This is a must watch video for all who support Sarvjeet Singh. What are your views about this video? Comment below.

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