Priyanka Chopra Reacts On ‘Audience Walking Out of AR Rahman’s Concert’, She Makes A Point

A large group of audiences has reportedly walked out of Oscar-award winning musician AR Rahman’s concert in UK’s Wembley recently. Musical maestro AR Rahman‘s concert was held on July 8 at SS Arena, Wembley, London. For everyone’s surprise, something unexpected happened at the event.

The audience walked out of the event and yes, it’s true. In a shocking turn of event, AR Rahman fans have walked out of his concert. for a reason.

After the concert completed, people started giving advice to AR Rahman fans. And it is, “the basic advice if you are an AR Rahman fan. When you buy tickets to a concert titled ‘Netru Indru Nalai’, do not assume that the major chunk of the music played will be in Hindi. It’s Tamil for yesterday, today, tomorrow.”


As usual, Tamil songs dominated the concert and some fans didn’t like it. There are some fans, who are unaware of this fact, due to which they use social media platforms and crib about how their money got wasted.

This is what exactly happened at Rahman’s Wembley concert in the UK on July 8. The Disgruntled fans allegedly walked out of the concert and then swarmed to Twitter and Rahman’s Facebook page to complain about most songs sung being in Tamil.

Because of this, fans walked out of the concert mid-day. Moreover, they are now demanding a refund because reportedly they feel ‘cheated’ and the other reason being, they were made to sit through songs they could not understand.

Earlier, singer Chinmayee Sripada reacted on the same defying Rehman and now Baywatch’s actress Priyanka Chopra has opened up about the same quoting the audience deed as ‘Rude’.

When asked about this, Priyanka has replied: “Well, first of all, that is rude. I do not know the details so I do not want to talk much about it.” She is reportedly at a Marathi film event which she was producing.

She added, “Unfortunately IIFA and my birthday coincided. I do not get much time to spend with my brother and mom. So yes, I deserve this holiday.”

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