Video Of 8 Lions Taking A Leisurely Walk On Gujarat Streets At Night Causes Panic

Eight lions along with their cubs were spotted on the streets of a Gujarat’s Junagadh District late on Tuesday night. The lions appeared to have escaped from Gir forests nearby. They were roaming nearly 3.5 km inside Junagadh on a four-lane road which falls in ward number 1 of the municipal corporation.

Joshi, who lives near Girnar Darwaza, spotted the lions at around 2:30 am when he got up to relieve himself. “I couldn’t believe my eyes – so many lions were walking on the road right outside my house,” Joshi told. He captured the extraordinary ‘cat video’ from his third-floor balcony.

Watch Video Of 8 Lions Roaming In Gujarat:

Soon after witnessing the lions, local people informed the forest department. According to officials, growing number of lions and decreasing forest cover due to man-made activities are forcing lions to invade human territory.

Earlier too, these lions have come out and attacked whoever came across it’s path.

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