Here’s What The Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

It is always interesting to learn more about yourself, especially when your features are capable of revealing personality traits. From the color of the eyes to the eyebrows, from the length of fingers to the size of hands, everybody part reveals fascinating facts about your personality. One such body part that tells us lots about our personality is our nose.

Can you believe that just by looking at someone’s nose, you can tell a lot about them? A study has found that the character of a person may also depend on the shape of their nose. The shape, size, and structure of a person’s nose dictate many things about their personality. Find out here what your nose says about you!

Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality.

1. Big Nose

big nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

Those who have a big nose can have a short or long bridge, large nostrils, and a wide nose tip. People who have this type of nose are strong leaders, driven and extremely powerful. People with this kind of nose – work well independently. They can’t take orders and like being their own bosses. They prefer making bigger contributions and show less interest in a small task.

2. Small Nose

small nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

People with small nose tend to be cheerful and sociable, although at the same time has a bad temper. They are best in group activities where they use their creative imaginations. They love what they do in order to work hard and do not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work.

3. Long Nose

long nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

The longer your nose, you have a good sense of business, a healthy sense of ambition, excellent instincts, and great leadership qualities. Your biggest problems are often derived from your greatest strengths.

4. Fleshy Nose

fleshy nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

A fleshy nose is narrow at the root, but at the entire length is expanding, at the end is the snub. People with fleshy noses are very clever, think fast and react quickly. Sometimes, too fast, this sometimes makes them aggressive. It is believed that such people tend to be caring and loyal partners.

5. Hawk Nose/Hooked Nose/Curved Nose

Hawk nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

This nose is long and has a bit of a hook on the tip that points down. The shape of the ridge is often curved.

People with hawk nose which is slightly curved downwards like a hooked beak has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration. They always follow their own path and are not influenced by others. They are least likely to care what others think of them and adhere to their own beliefs. They don’t care about your approval and are often very rebellious. They are happiest when they are working on the realization of their objectives.

6. Nubian Nose

nubian nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

A long shape nose has a base that is very wide. It’s more uncommon than many other defined shapes but is still very prominent.  This nose type is said to reflect creativity and passion. Those who have a Nubian nose have an attractive appearance, tend to create new ways to approach difficult issues, extremely curious, open minded, and expressive. At times, they can become overwhelmed with emotions. Its wearers are often charismatic, which draws people to them.

7. Pointed Nose

Pointed nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

People with pointed nose are the individuals with the complicated character. They are determined to assert, always have their reasons, very often trespassing in a useless controversy.

8. Roman Nose

Roman nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

This type of nose has a small bump protruding out, about halfway down the ridge. It points downwards at the tip, but not quite as much as the hawk shaped nose. People with Roman nose are said to be very headstrong and ambitious in nature. They are great leaders and have a very strong personality — but not always an impulsive one. They boast intensity and are particularly good at rallying people to take action. They do not rush to making decisions and efficiently organize things.

9. Straight Nose/Greek Nose

greek nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

A long, straight nose with a narrow ridge reveals an inspiring person with incredibly functional and organizational skills. People bearing the Greek nose are fact-based, to the point, hard-working, and fairly serious individuals. These are people who in times of crisis, are good to have beside you because they are very good at managing things under pressure.

Those who have this type of nose are considered to be logical thinkers who are capable of keeping control of their emotions, highly intelligent and skilled. Also, people with straight noses have the coolest heads when in the situation of panic. They prove to be very effective in work space.

10. Snub Nose

snub nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

This is a short, small nose that doesn’t usually protrude to any great extent in any particular direction. This shape of the nose that is slightly raised reveals the kind and optimistic person. Those with the snub nose are often quick-witted and more street-wise than your average person. They can sometimes be aggressive but are a whack of fun and full of energy.

Others love having such people around themselves as they radiate positivity all the time and they also love to receive all the care such people give to others. Also, people who have sub noses are full of enthusiasm and love to experiment. They are open to sexual adventures, but they can be faithful to one they commit themselves for once.

11. Turned-up/Concave/Celestial Nose

Turned up nose-Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

It’s a long, curved, nearly-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip. These people are often kind, optimistic and nurturing in personality with bags of enthusiasm, a strong sense of support for friends and family.

People with Celestial noses are also believed to be very adventurous in their sexual appetite but also ground their relationships and marriages strongly.

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