17-Year-Old Texas Teen Currently Holds The Guinness World Record For Longest Legs

A 17-year-old teenager from Texas, USA, currently holds the Guinness World Record for the Longest Legs and the world is just going nuts over it.

Maci Currin, the 17-year-old teenager from Texas, USA, has legs that stretch up to almost a meter and a half.

Her unique body feature has helped her get the record of the world’s longest legs.

According to the official website of the Guinness World Book of Records, her left leg is 135.267 centimeters long and her right leg is at 134.3 centimeters long.

Currin broke the record that was held by Ekatarina Lisina, a woman from Russia.

In 2017, Lisana broke the Guinness World Book of Record for being the tallest female professional model with a height of 6ft 8.7 inches.

Her legs measure an unparalleled 132 centimeters in length. Her left and right leg measured 132.8 cm and 132.2 cm, said records.

Currin comes from a family that is relatively tall, however, no one in her family is as tall as the teenager, who stands at 6ft 10 inches tall.

Her legs alone make up the 660 percent of her total height, said official records of Currin.

Currin, who is happy in her life, said that she wants to inspire tall people from around the world that want to accept and embrace their tall height.

Currin is popular on TikTok, a music video platform.

The teen realized that her legs are longer than average when someone asked her if she wanted to get a pair of customized leggings because she had a hard time finding a set that would fit her.

She later found out about her unique feature and she ended up applying for the title.

Despite a lot of people saying that being tall comes with disadvantages, Currin says that she is proud to have long legs.

Currin wants to go to college and become the tallest professional model in the world.

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