2 French Brothers Find Gold Bars Worth Over 100,000 Euros As They Tried To Build A Fort

France: 2 brothers that were making a fort to pass the time during this coronavirus lockdown ended up finding gold bars that are worth around £71,700.

The piece of good luck came after the parents of the brothers failed to go on a trip to Paris so they could visit their family home in Vendome because of the coronavirus lockdown measures.

The 2 boys, who were not identified, ask their dad if they could build a makeshift den in the garden out of sheets, leaves, and other bits and pieces.

Their father, who is in his 60s, said it was found and said that they could use some of the old sheets that belonged to their late grandmother.

The boys said that they grabbed the old sheets from their spare room, and with the sheets came 2 heavy objects.

Those 2 objects reportedly fell out but they did not pay attention to them and placed them back on top.

Philippe Rouillac, an auctioneer, told the media that the boys later informed their dad about the mysterious objects.

Philippe said:

But he initially believed they were knife holders that belonged to the grandmother.

After seeing the objects, the father reached out to the auctioneer with some snaps of the gold bars.

The gold bars are solid 1 kilogram a piece of bars.

The gold bars come with a proof of purchase, made to the late grandmother of the boys who bought them back in 1967.

The bars are listed on the Rouillac Auctioneers website.

They are currently valued at around €40,000 (£35,800) each.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a chance that the price of the gold bars could go higher.

Philippe said:

We are going to wait for the price of gold to rise a little more. They could get at least 100,000 euros.

According to BBC News, the 2 boys, who are around 10 years old, have been asked to get them a swimming pool if the golden bars sell well on the internet.

All I found in my house were some old clothes that looked weird.

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