70-Year-Old Teacher Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Inside His Classroom Everyday

A 70-year-old teacher was arrested by the police for having sex every day for months with his 17-year-old student inside his classroom.

Tom Miller Privett, the 70-year-old teacher, was arrested and charged with sexual battery with a child under custodial authority for having sex with the student inside his classroom.

Privett had sex with the 17-year-old student inside his classroom at Terra Environmental Research Institute Magnet School, which is located in Miami, Florida.

Before the arrest, Privett had been a history and government teacher at the school for 30 years.

The teacher groomed the girl for years before taking her virginity in the classroom.

According to the prosecutors of the case, Privett began touching the student inappropriately in his world history class in 2012.

Detective Ismael Castill said, “These touches began as rubbing her arms while in class, then rubbing her back, and continued to kiss her on the head, cheek and partial lips.”

A year after the incident, Privett started to tell the student about his sexual desires and fetishes.

He had sex with the student for the first time inside his classroom in 2016.

The victim told the police that she and the teacher were engaged in sexual activity every day after school inside the classroom of Privett for 3 months.

The victim said the 70-year-old teacher insisted to have sex with him after she sustained injuries in a car crash.

The sexual encounters after the accident caused her serious discomfort in her hips.

The girl told the police about the ordeal in December last year with hopes of investigators could arrest the teacher.

As part of the investigation, the student discussed their sexual relationship with each other on the phone as the police listened.

The conversation confirmed the claims of the girl.

The police are concerned that Privett may have more victims.

At the time of his arrest, the 70-year-old teacher was no longer working at the Terra Environmental Research Institute Magnet School.

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