10 Lions That Were Being Bred In Captivity So They Could Be Hunted Gets Rescued From Farm In South Africa

Images that were shared with the public shows the moment 10 lions were rescued from a farm in South Africa, they were being bred in captivity so they could be hunted.

It was reported that the lions were being bred in captivity and were being taken care of in horrible conditions so one day they could be killed in trophy hunting.

Wild@life.e.V, a German organization working in Africa on biodiversity, climate, agriculture, and wildlife conservation, were the ones that shared the news with the public.

Wild@life.e.V is known for carrying out anti-poaching, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, law enforcement, education, and direct action on wildlife rescue.

Wild@life.e.V released a statement about the incident, where they said:

During November 2019, our team reached South Africa to rescue lions from one of these farms. The team was overwhelmed seeing 10 lions kept in a totally secluded and closed shed with no light or grass. We had to fight hard for the lives of these lions. But dedication and passion made this work successful.

A team from the Wild@life.e.V said that they had to travel around 5,000 kilometers so they could get to the lions.

They spent around 10 hours to remove the lions from the enclosure.

The Wild@life.e.V said they had proper paperwork to ensure they could be rescued.

Before they were removed from their enclosures, the lions were tranquilized.

They are now living in a sanctuary that has amazing conditions.

The Wild@life.e.V said the lions will learn how to become “lions” again at the sanctuary that they are living in right now.

The spokesperson of Wild@life.e.V said:

A canned hunt is a trophy hunt which is not ‘fair chase’; it has been made too easy for the hunter. Some examples of this include animals who have been kept in a confined area, such as in a fenced-in area, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill. In most cases, the lions are kept in tiny enclosures, are confined to horrible places, with limited or no food and extreme stress and with no hygienic and veterinary care. A ‘hunter’ can then choose the lions he wants to kill and conduct the killings in the easiest of ways, even just by sitting in their vehicle. Animals do not stand any chance. Such facilities even put male lions in small enclosures for them to fight each other, so the lions end up with scars on their faces.

Such an amazing thing to hear despite all the chaos in the world right now.

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