59-Year-Old Texas Woman Attacked And Killed By Wild Hogs

Authorities and the police have confirmed that a 59-year-old woman was attacked and killed by feral hogs in Texas.

Medical examiners determined that 59-year-old Christine Rollins, a caretaker, died by exsanguination due to feral hog assault. This means she bled to death from her injuries.

Reports suggest that Rollins was the caretaker of an elderly couple in a rural neighborhood in Chambers County and would go to their home to work.

The dead body was found in the yard outside the house of the couple.

The Chamber County Sheriff’s Office said she was found between the front door and her vehicle.

Rollins sustained a head injury consistent with a fall as well as numerous injuries on her body.

Sheriff Brian Hawthorne announced the death of the woman in a press conference.

Sheriff Brian said, “In my 35 years, I will tell you it’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.”

Authorities are calling the incident as a “very rare incident”.

In the entire United States of America, there are less than 6 attacks that were reported.

Sheriff Brian said feral hogs are definitely a problem in the United States of America.

Residents in the area where the incident happened submitted complaints about wild pigs roaming around.

The elderly couple was an 84-year-old man and his wife is a 79-year-old that is diagnosed with severe dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

59-year-old Rollins was one of the 3 caretakers that were helping the elderly couple with round-the-clock assistance.

Rollins had been working for the couple for 1 year and 6 months.

According to the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) there are around 5 million feral hogs in the United States alone, and 2.5 million of their population resides in Texas. It is believed that feral hogs cause billions in damage every year. They are responsible for destroying local wildlife, disturbing locals, and destroying native habitats.

Texas authorities consider Feral hogs as destructive invasive species.

The state also allows hunters to trap hogs all year, and can be taken to slaughterhouses so their meat can be processed and sold as exotic meat.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the authorities to control the population of feral hogs have failed due to their amazing ability to adapt and survive in new environments.

Feral Hogs have razor-sharp tusks, combined with their fast feet, their attacks can cause serious injury, which can sometimes lead to death.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission advises hunters to practice extreme caution when tracking, trapping, and hunting feral hogs in the state.

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