76-Year-Old Australian Woman Pecked To Death By Rooster

A 76-year-old Australian woman was pecked to death by her rooster, who pecked her at her leg, that led to puncturing a varicose vein that hemorrhaged.

The 76-year-old woman, whose identity was not shared with the public, was gathering eggs from her rural property when her rooster started to peck her leg repeatedly.

The hemorrhage caused the elderly woman to collapse and die.

The woman was also diagnosed with varicose veins, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.

According to a report that was released by Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology, “Even relatively small domestic animals may be able to inflict lethal injuries in individuals if there are specific vascular vulnerabilities present.”

During an interview with USA TODAY, Roger Byard, a professor at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia, said that the incident showcases how vulnerable old people are.

Professor Roger Byard co-authored the study with Judith Fronczek, said, “It draws attention to the vulnerability of elderly folk with varicose veins to minor trauma, even from a rooster peck.”

Professor Byard added, “Lethal rooster attacks are very rare, but small animals can cause death from trauma.”

Professor Byard suggests that people should treat animals respectfully, this includes the small animals.

Dr. Dianna Bourassa advices everyone to be careful when facing an alpha chicken who is aggressive

Dr. Dianna Bourassa, who is an assistant professor of poultry sciences at Auburn University, says that people should wear protective clothing like pants, long boots, and long-sleeve shirts.

Dr. Bourassa also said that if a rooster or hen attacks you, you should grab them by their leg and cradle it under their arm so you could show dominance.

The trick above will not harm the chicken in any way.

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