78-Year-Old Pensioner Dies After Being Repeatedly Bitten By Tiger Snake While Working At Farm

A 78-year-old pensioner was bitten to death by a venomous snake after it managed to wrap around his arm in a very horrible incident.

When help came in, the snake was wrapped around his arm and had bite marks on his arm and leg.

Winston William Fish, the farmer who is from Australia, passed away at the beginning of the year after being attacked by a 1.4-meter long tiger snake in Tasmania.

When help reportedly arrived, the elderly man already had bite marks and was found battling with the snake on the ground.

The man was holding the snake in both hands, said reports.

The farmer was rushed to a hospital in Hobart, but he passed away on January 28 this year.

The farmer passed away after suffering from multiple organ failure caused by the venom of the snake 2 days after the attack.

He was treated with anti-venom.

A coroner concluded that the snake venom was the cause of death.

Olivia McTaggart, the coroner, said that the first witness arrived at the scene of the incident after Fish was attacked by the snake while they were working on their farm.

The pet dog of Fish ran off to raise the alarm.

The first witness said that the snake was latched onto the right hand of the man.

Fish was holding its head with both hands to squeeze it, added the witness.

A neighbor used a knife the decapitate the snake and set the elderly man free.

The elderly man was brought to a hospital with the help of a helicopter, but he sadly passed away.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the elderly man and his family. May his soul rest in peace.

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