Adorable Little Fox Caught Napping On Tree Stump During Lockdown

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, a number of wild animals and other adorable animals have been spotted roaming freely.

Sara Ryan, a resident of Canada, shared an amazing story, where she said her parents were practicing self-isolation and social distancing inside their home in Canada, however upon looking outside, they saw something unusual.

The parents of Sara looked outside and saw a little fox peacefully napping on a tree stump.

Recalling the moment, Ryan said, “My dad was very excited!”

Explaining the reason why they got so excited, Ryan added, “They’ve been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so I think they were excited to have something out of the ordinary in their yard!”

The father of Ryan saw the fox on Tuesday when it was lying on a dad tree that was removed in 2019.

At one point the father of Ryan went outside to look at the fox, and what happened next was just adorable.

Ryan said, “The fox looked up and then went right back to sleep.”

Clearly the cozy little fella did not care about the people around him and was too busy lying and sleeping on the tall stump.

Ryan explained, “The tree is protected by the garage behind it so it only faces my parents’ yard. I imagine that it’s a warm and safe place to nap!”

Later that evening, when Ryan’s dad looked out the window, he noticed that the fox had woken up and left the spot.

The good thing is that the fox was not gone for a long time.

For those that do not know, Foxes are nocturnal, meaning they are up all night and they sleep during the morning.

So the next day, the fox returned to the place and was caught sleeping.

Sara Ryan was so adored by the story that she ended up posting images of the fox on Twitter.

The first tweet that she made about the fox went viral right away.

As of writing this article, the tweet has over 85,100 retweets and over 483.700 favorites.

Talking about her story going viral, Ryan said, “I love that people are loving the fox! It makes sense that people want a little slice of joy in the midst of a lot of stress and anxiety and chaos. I’m glad that my one viral tweet was a cute tweet during a not very cute time.”

This fox is surely adorable!

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