Alien-Looking Creature Found On A Beach In Australia

An unusual alien-looking creature was found washed up on a beach near Perth, Australia.

The unusual-looking creature was found by a man who later shared the image of the creature on Facebook, a social media platform.

On a post that he made on Facebook, he said, “ID on this alien-looking thing that washed up on Leighton Beach.”

A person who saw the post realized what the creature was and immediately warned the user to stay away from it.

The user said, “Don’t touch it – that’s a dog killer.”

Experts that talked with Yahoo News Australia later confirmed that the unusual strange-looking creature was a sea hare, a deadly animal.

Professor Culum Brown of the Department of Biological Sciences at the Macquarie University said sea hares are dangerous when they produce purple dye, which is toxic.

He added, “They are mildly toxic depending on the algae they have been eating.”

Experts also call this creature a dog killer and anyone who believes their dog may have consumed a sea hare is advised to contact a veterinary right away.

Symptoms of eating a sea hare include excessive drooling, muscle spasms, and shaking in the dog.

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