Australian Woman Finds Deadly Animal Ready To Strike Her Kids In A Photo That She Took

A woman and her 2 kids were on a walk near the Mitta Mitta River in Victoria, Australia, when she decided to take a couple of pictures of her 2 kids walking together.

She didn’t take a double look at the pictures after taking them and went on for a walk with her kids.

It wasn’t later that she realized that she had missed a snake that was ready to strike her kids.

It was no ordinary snake too, it was one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

When she looked closely at the pictures, the mother realized that there was an eastern brown snake in the grass, right next to her kids.

The eastern brown snake is really good at hiding itself. The snake is capable of camouflaging in roads, dirt, underbrush, grass, and many more.

Barry Goldsmith, the owner of Catcher Victoria Australia, shared the pictures on Facebook.

Garry said the pictures are a perfect example of how snakes do not attack humans unless they are provoked or are feeling in danger.

Garry said, “The snake saw them coming and watched as they unknowingly skipped past.”

He added, “Really goes to show that snakes are not aggressive and just need respect.”

According to experts, Eastern Brown Snakes only attack humans or animals if they feel provoked, agitated, cornered, or in danger.

When Eastern Brown Snakes are confronted with a person, they usually decide to slither away or stay still and do camouflage.

According to the Australian Museum, most of the eastern brown snake attacks are a result of the animal feeling as if it is in danger.

The Australian Museum added, “This species has the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from snakebite than any other species of snake in Australia. Many bites have been a direct result of people trying to kill these snakes and could obviously have been avoided.”

Barry said that Victoria has a lot of snakes, especially venomous ones.

He said most of the snakes found in Victoria are the eastern brown snake, the tiger snake, the Australian copperhead and the red-bellied black snake.

Barry has been working for 40 years to educate people about their environment.

He said, “I’m trying to get people to respect the animal instead of putting fear into them.”

He added, “I’m forever trying to change attitudes towards them.”

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