Buffalo Escapes Slaughterhouse And Gores Chinese Owner 3 Times

We love it when karma works, we applaud and say “the person deserved it” each time mother nature shows that there is a balance between everything.

In the most recent karma work, a buffalo was caught on cam goring its owner 3 times in a row after it managed to escape the slaughterhouse.

The video of the incident, which reportedly happened on March 18, 2020, in Huangbei, China, shows the buffalo running into a courtyard after escaping.

In the video, the owner can be seen running into the courtyard, appearing to look for the buffalo so he could bring it back to the slaughterhouse.

After closing down the gate, the buffalo can be seen charging towards him.

Refusing to go away from the scene in a proper manner, the buffalo ran towards the owner and slammed him against the metal frame, tossing him in the air.

The owner then grabs a mop to hold himself up before trying to enter a house near him, but he slips and falls down again.

The bull, wanting more, runs towards his owner and rams him for the second time, and then for a third time after a short run-up.

As the animal does this, the man covers in the corner and attempted to fend the buffalo off with the mop unsuccessfully.

The man, who owns the house and who was seen in the video, tried to protect himself from the animal, but the buffalo only had one thing in mind, and that was to gore his owner.

As the video ended, the bull disappeared out of frame and circled around to the back of the house as more people arrived to witness what was going on.

According to local media reports, the owner of the farm did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

To name some of the injuries that he sustained, he has a number of broken ribs, and a ruptured small intestine.

The bull was captured by the authorities and was transported back to the abattoir.

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