Cat Loves Sinks So Much That Her Family Ended Up Buying One For Her

Cats and their love for random places are unparalleled and no one understands why they just love doing it.

One cat was so in love with sinks that her family ended up buying one for her because they had a problem using there’s!

Lapis and Lazuli were adopted when they were just kittens, and it did not take long enough for the kittens to become comfortable.

Lazuli used to sneak into the bathroom and just chill there, particularly in the sink of the bathroom. Because Lazuli was so small at that time, she would have to meow meow out loud so her parents could come and rescue her.

After showing much love, the parents of Lazuli decided to treat her and get her own brand new sink.

The parents went to Home Depot and found the perfect sink for their tinny kitten and the best thing about it was that the kitchen sink was affordable compared to a real cat toy.

The couple, who prefer to stay anonymous, bought the new sink and drove back home to present it to their sink-loving cat.

Lazuli loved her new sink from the very first moment and now, Lazuli spends most of her free time curled up in her beloved sink.

Luckily for her, the other cats in the house do not see the comfort Luzuli finds in the kitchen sink.

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