Caught On Cam: Bull Pinned Down And Set On Fire During Toro Jubilo Festival In Spain


A footage that was captured by animal rights activists show how bulls are held down and set on fire during bull festivals in Spain.

In a video that was caught by AnimaNaturalis, a Spanish NGO, and the CAS International, an animal rights group, you can see how bulls are treated during the Toro Jubilo Festival, which is held annually during the second weekend of every November.

The Toro Jubilo Festival takes place in the north-east part of Madrid.

Taking images and videos during the festival is prohibited, but the animal rights activists managed to record videos to show what happens during the festival.

The video was first shared on Twitter, and it showed a distressed bull tethered to a post with a number of men surrounding it.

The men then set fire to a pair of imitation horns that are made of straw, which were fixed on the head of the bull by using roes, wires, and wood.

The bull was covered in mud when it was set on fire.

According to reports, there were around 1,500 people that watched the cruel event.

Some of the people reportedly went away with distress after the bull started to run around in the ring.

The bull reportedly ducked down as it ran, hoping to put an end to the fire that was blazing on its horns.

A spokesperson for CAS International talked about the cruel festivals and said, “During the local festivities in Spain, bulls are immobilized, tied up and pulled with ropes, assaulted, forced to run, thrown into the sea and lit up with torches attached to their horns.”

The spokesperson added, “The animals fall, bleed, are under extreme distress and sometimes death.”

The spokesperson continued, “The most cruel form of celebration is when the balls impregnated with a flammable substance are attached to their horns and lit up on fire so the bulls run desperately.”

He went on, “Having fun at the expense of the bulls puts their lives at risk. Deaths from brutal blows, heart attacks, eye burns, anguish and fear of fire. In addition to carrying physical and psychological injuries, a large number of these animals are sent directly to the slaughterhouse on that same night.”

The investigation that was carried out by the 2 groups revealed some horrible numbers.

According to their investigation, nearly 2,500 bulls are flushed with fire per year in a large number of municipalities in Spain, especially in Castellón, Alicante, Valencia, Teruel, and Zaragoza.

The director of the ANimaNaturalis, Aïda Gascón, said, “We want to bring to light the systematic abuse that thousands of villages hide at their parties and uncover the enormous funding they receive from the municipalities.”

Campaigns and groups in Spain are currently fighting to ban the Toro Jubilo Festival from happening again.

Authorities in Spain said it is a cultural event, which means it has a special status and it will be continued for some time.

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