Chinese Woman Gets Over 400 Bee Stings Removed From Body By Doctors After Horrible Attack While Working

A woman in China had to go to the doctors so she could have over 400 bee stings removed from her body after she was attacked while working in an open field.

According to reports, the incident happened in the Suichang County, which is located in the Eastern Chinese Province of Zhejiang.

The woman has been identified as Huang, she was rushed to a local hospital after the incident.

In an emergency procedure, doctors had to remove the venomous stings.

Dr. Weng Jianwu, an emergency doctor at the local hospital, recalled the moment and said:

When the patient was brought in, we saw packs of bee’s stingers covering her head, neck and back. She said she was feeling very tired. She also had headaches and struggled to breathe.

The woman, who works as a farmer, said that she was working on a field when a swarm of bees flew at her and attacked her.

Recalling the horrible bee attack, Huang said that a large group of bees flew over her and they started to bite her.

Within just 30 minutes, Huang had over 400 stings.

She was rushed to the Yichang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for emergency medical treatment.

She is currently in a stable condition, confirmed doctors.

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