Deer Enjoy Blossoms In Japan’s Very Calm And Quiet Nara Park During Coronavirus Pandemic

Breathtaking images that were captured at the Nara Park, Japan, shows calm deer enjoying themselves underneath peaceful blossom trees amidst all the chaos that is going on right now.

The Nara Park in Japan is known for tourists taking amazing pictures amid the very pink blossom trees.

However, due to this coronavirus pandemic, Nara Park, which is a couple of miles away from Osaka, has become very quiet.

The Sika Deer, who are shy when people are around, can be seen sitting around and underneath the trees without anyone to disturb them.

According to reports, there are over 1 thousand deer living at Nara Park in Japan.

The animals are often known as the symbol of the city and the park is called by many as a designated natural treasure.

Deer crackers are sold throughout the park, and many have witnessed deer bowing to humans as a way of asking them to be fed with the crackers.

However, Nara Park advises its visitors to avoid giving the deer food because they might become aggressive.

I mean, if I saw a deer at a beautiful park such as Nara Park, I will just be happy.

Such a beautiful place in a very calm and amazing country.

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