Dog Rescued After Being Abandoned By Owner Who Lost Job And Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

Dogs and humans have this amazing bond, but because of certain unfortunate events, things can be hard for the 2.

According to official numbers, around 2 thousand animals end up in the shelter in Johnson County, Indiana.

Roadie, the girl dog, was found abandoned and tied to a tree with a plastic bottle hanging from her neck.

Upon a closer look, the animal shelter workers noticed that there was a letter along with the little one.

The letter that they found with Roadie is that its owner had lost their job and home during this coronavirus pandemic and had no money to take care of her.

The letter also mentioned that Roadie is a dog that is full of energy.

In the letter, the former owner also said that Roadie had her own couch, own foam bed, and a good dose of food before they had to abandon her.

Michael Delp, the director of the Johnson County Animal Shelter, said that this is the first time they had come across an abandoned way like this.

Delp said that he was torn by 2 emotions when he was reading the note.

He said:

One, if it is legit, my heart goes out to that individual. If it was not legit, [I felt] anger that someone would manufacture an excuse to abandon their dog that was designed to elicit sympathy.

If the note is true, then our hearts are with the person that wrote it, said Michael.

However, the bad thing about the way the owner of Roadie did is that things could have gone wrong.

Tying an animal in the middle of nowhere or just to a tree is something that you would not want to do.

Experts say that people who hate animals could kill such pets and the dogs could be attacked by other aggressive animals that are living in the area.

Anyone that wants to give up their pet dog needs to call a local shelter and tell them in advance so they could be taken care of.

After taking in Roadie, the Johnson County Animal Shelter placed the dog for adoption.

They got 20 requests from people that were touched by the story of the dog.

She ended up getting adopted by Jeremy Pell, a reserve sheriff deputy and the chief of the fire department in the area.

Roadie is currently living with Pell.

Pell says the beautiful dog is happy with him and is being loved.

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