Dumb Woman Poses For Picture With Massive Wild Bear, Ends Up Running For Her Life

A woman from Romania went face to face with death after a bear lunged at her as she posed for a picture beside it.

The entire incident was caught on cam, and it is extremely scary.

The video, which was captured in Romania, shows a woman, who was holding something in her hand walking towards the large bear that was minding its own business on the side of the road.

There were also people recording the incident from another car, which was in a safe and distant place.

The person who took the video said:

I have to film it, look how she is holding her hand, stupid girl.

However, things took a huge turn.

When the woman stood close to the bear, which is something you should never do, the massive brown bear lunges towards her, forcing her to run away.

Luckily, the bear stops after its initial jump.

The video was shared by Alessandro Bacaoanu, a TikTok user, but it has been deleted after it went viral on social media.

It is still unclear where the video was capture in Romania or who the woman in the video was.

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