Excited Rhino Acts Like Little Puppy After Seeing His Zookeeper

A video that is viral on the internet right now shows the moment a rhino got excited about seeing his zookeeper and acting like a little puppy.

The incident that we are talking about happened at Fort Worth Zoo in Texas, USA.

Crockett, the black rhino, bounced around in excitement after seeing Kylee, the one that looks after him.

The video was shared with the public with the caption: “This adorable video shows the moment a critically endangered rhino in a closed zoo got excited to see his keeper – and started running back and forth like a puppy.”

The 6-year-old rhino could be seen following Kylee in the video.

A spokesperson for the Fort Worth Zoo, which is located in Texas, released a statement about the incident.

The spokesperson said that Crockett gets pretty excited when he sees Kylee.

They added: “Crockett appeared to get excited as Kylee approached his exhibit on Sunday afternoon. As he raced around his habitat, we affectionately said he got the ‘zoomies’.”

The Fort Worth Zoo was closed to the public for some time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Whoever, Staff, and keepers have been at the zoo every day to feed and care for the animals that are living there.

The zoo said that Crockett is the youngest of the 3 critically endangered southern black rhinos that are living at the Fort Worth Zoo.

The spokesperson added: “Crockett is the youngest of three critically endangered southern black rhinos here at the Zoo. He is playful and excels during training sessions with keepers.”

The video was shared with social media users on Facebook, where it quickly gathered hundreds of thousands of views.

The video is just amazing to watch in times like these!

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