Florida Man Is Mauled By Rare Black Leopard After Paying For “Full-Contact Experience” In House Zoo

A Florida Man was mauled by a black leopard in a savage attack after reportedly paying $150 for a full-contact experience.

The report was published by Local 10 News.

Dwight Turner, the man, ended up having multiple surgeries after he was attacked by a leopard at a home in Davie, which is located near Fort Lauderdale on August 31, 2020.

He paid $150 to touch, lay, and rub the belly of the black leopard.

It was said that the man entered the enclosure of the animal in a backyard zoo.

After entering, the leopard mauled him right away.

According to reports, the injuries that he sustained were so severe that his scalp was hanging from his head.

His ear was also torn in half.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission said that that 50-year-old spent a week in the emergency room after the incident.

50-year-old Michael Poggi, the owner of the leopard, was charged for allowing full contact with an extremely dangerous animal.

He was also cited for maintaining captive wildlife in an unsafe condition.

The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida condemned the owner for having a leopard in captivity in the backyard of his house.

Nick Atwood, the coordinator of the foundation, said that the leopard was living in an area that is deemed unsafe for humans and for other home animals.

In a statement that was released, Atwood said:

It is far too common for small zoos and quasi-sanctuaries in Florida to sell photo ops, play sessions or other ‘interactions’ with exotic animals. Both people and animals are put in harm’s way when the public comes into direct contact with captive wild animals.

Poggi runs an animal sanctuary for rare and endangered animals.

Authorities confirmed that he has a license to keep a leopard in his premises.

Poggi has also admitted his wrongdoings to the authorities.

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