Grizzly Bear That Weighs As Much As 8 Men Has Been Crowned As The Fattest Bear In Alaska

A grizzly bear that weighs as much as 8 men have been crowned as the fattest bear in Alaska and the world is just shocked right now.

A grizzly bear that is known as 747, yes like the airplane 747, has been crowned the fattest bear of the year.

He won after going against 12 chubby contestants.

The bear, who is one of the 2,200 brown bears that are roaming the Katmai National Park and Preserve of Alaska, was victorious after 1 week of online polling.

The bear won during the Fat Bear Week of the park.

It is believed that the 747 weigh over 1,400 pounds.

This means that the bear is 635 kilograms, which is 100 stone.

That is 7.6 times the weight of an average man in the United Kingdom!

Why are they this fat?

Well, brown bears in Alaska need to eat as much as they can in summer to store fat in order to survive during the hibernation period, where they do not eat or drink.

Brown bears in Alaska are capable of growing up to 1000 pounds from feasting in the warm months.

Adult males are required to be large to dominate the best fishing spots and secure a mate to populate.

Female bears gain weight in order to support birth, growth of cubs, and for their own survival.

This is why Fat Bear Week is celebrated each year.

Voters that took part in helping 747 win were also asked to donate. The money would go towards the protection efforts of the park’s bear.

Katmai is a 4 million-acre park that sprawls over lakes, streams, coastline, and mountains.

It is also the only place in the world that has the densest population of brown bears, which are the coastal version of grizzlies.

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